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Virtualisation is the new normal. Every aspect of IT architecture is adapting to virtualisation. However, traditional shared storage – designed 20 years before VMware introduced server virtualisation – creates complexity and performance challenges in virtual environments, and puts significant pressure on IT budgets. Tintri’s VM-aware storage appliance is designed from the ground up to leverage Flash exclusively for virtualisation, delivering Flash performance at disk prices with intuitive management just for VMs.

What is Tintri?

Virtualised Data Storage, focusing exclusively on storage for VMs.

Tintri was founded in 2008 by experts with a background in VMware, NetApp & Data Domain, including Co-founder Kieran Harty, who was the Executive Vice President of VMware for seven years. The founders had a vision that everything in the data centre should be virtualised.

What does Tintri offer?

  • Simplicity
  • Performance
  • Visibility


  • Purpose-built for virtualisation (all operations at the VM & vDisk level)
  • Built from the ground up to provide 99% of reads & writes from flash
  • Inline deduplication & compression
  • Per VM/vDisk performance monitoring
  • Per VM advanced snapshots
  • Per VM advanced cloning
  • Per VM/vDisk Qos (working set analysis)
  • VM/vDisk auto-alignment
  • Per VM/vDisk pin to flash