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Backup Technology

Fiduasia partner with Backup Technology, using Asigra software to offer a fully automated, managed, encrypted, agentless and secure online backup solution. Asigra is a world leader and is the only agentless solution available, with the benefit of having a single point of backup administration for the entire network.

It is essential to implement a reliable data backup solution to ensure critical company data is protected and can be recovered quickly without delay. Online backup can replace your manual, outdated tape backup solution and has no restrictions in regards to data volume. Our online backup platform will address the needs of each individual organisation to offer a comprehensive, reliable service, which will adhere to any company regulations.


Features include:

  • Agentless - software only runs on a single device, no license fees, easy to implement
  • Secure –256 Bit AES Encryption, FIPS 140-2 Accredited
  • WAN optimised – keeping backup windows and bandwidth usage to a minimum
  • No tapes – shorter backup windows & no capacity restrictions
  • Central Management
  • Online Monitoring Portal – allows for tracking the status and progress of backups
  • Fully managed by a dedicated account manager
  • Set retention rules - flexibility to backup your data as often as you wish
  • Simple, Straightforward Pricing Model
  • 24/7 Suppor

How does it work?

Installation is conducted either onsite or remotely, depending on customer requirements.

When installed and the backup configuration is complete, the initial backups are taken and data is securely transmitted across a customer’s existing internet connection to one of Backup Technology’s secure data centres. Alternatively, if a customers’ data backups can’t reside outside of their network, a private cloud backup solution can be implemented. Restore can then be done remotely by a technical engineer or the customer can restore themselves.

Fiduasia will arrange a complete LAN Discovery and configure the software to meet individual backup requirements depending on how your business operates, to offer a long term data backup solution to suit you.