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IT departments globally are charged with delivering more for less. This imperative involves managing complexity, reducing cost and ensuring compliance – while simultaneously aligning IT to business objectives and supporting growth. To achieve this, IT leaders need efficient ways to manage business critical functionality in a way that will free up resources, which can then be invested in more strategic initiatives.

Email is central to all organizations and has become the most essential business application of all. As a result, the ability to continuously protect, store, manage and archive great volumes of email is now a key business issue.

Managing a complex email environment: the way it usually happens

Many organizations have implemented Microsoft® Exchange and other collaboration tools for business critical messaging. Of course over time, new threats and data governance issues emerge which require additional functionality to be added onto the original messaging platform. The entire email infrastructure becomes too costly to manage and upgrade, even for the most well equipped IT departments.

To solve these problems, enforce a consistent email policy and reduce risk, IT departments often supplement their email server with multiple point technologies. Disparate solutions are stitched together to provide archiving, continuity, encryption, threat detection and other vital services.

The result is a fragmented, complex and expensive email environment that fills up server rooms with a sprawling infrastructure. All of these point solutions need to be configured to keep operating in the event that a business disaster occurs – ensuring that the organization doesn’t expose itself to additional risk when it’s in its most vulnerable state.

Mimecast changes this picture completely. It provides everything an enterprise needs in a ready-to-use online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution: removing the growing risks and complexities of business email management with a single platform. Better yet, it comes at a fraction of the cost of alternative strategies, saving

companies as much as 60% in ongoing costs.

Connecting a corporate email server to Mimecast delivers critical software services as well as the physical network, computing and storage infrastructure needed to deliver comprehensive Unified Email Management. Mimecast allows an organization’s IT team to shift their focus from the unproductive management of the individual technical components to the wider business needs of their organization:

  • Enforcing corporate email policy
  • Archiving for compliance
  • Preventing the loss of sensitive data
  • Eliminating spam and unproductive quarantine management
  • Eliminating downtime
  • Facilitating rapid search and eDiscovery