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Fiduasia partner with IronKey – the global leader in secure, portable data storage.

IronKey flash drives are the world‘s most secure USB storage devices, validated to meet the Level 3 requirements of the FIPS 140-2 standard. They are designed to adhere to the most demanding military, government, and enterprise security requirements, so IronKey flash drives are ready to protect data everywhere it goes.

ICO fines for data breaches can now reach £500,000 per breach, so it is even more important to know that your data is secure and protected, no matter where you are.

IronKey devices are ideal for:

  • Remote use in any environment
  • Disaster recovery operations
  • Secure virtual desktops for remote workers


Fiduasia also partner with Safend, the leading provider of endpoint data protection software, protecting against corporate data loss.

The Safend Data Protection Suite eliminates data leakage from endpoints, delivering comprehensive visibility, complete data protection and total control over all available avenues to sensitive data.

This comprehensive award-winning data protection solution will protect your environment by monitoring real-time traffic and applying customised, granular security policies over all physical, wireless and storage devices. The entire suite’s functionally is provided by a single software product, with a single management server and a single lightweight agent.

With Safend’s Data Protection Suite, you can ensure an adequate security solution is in place within your organisation, eliminating the risk of a serious data security breach, which would result in hefty ICO fines and damage to your company reputation.