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About Us

Fiduasia was established as a full service IT company, delivering technology infrastructure, support, solutions and services to businesses around South East Asia.

As a flexible, committed partner, Fiduasia consistently provide our customers with measurable service improvements. We transform and manage existing IT services. We create and run completely new service infrastructures. Our extensive capabilities enable us to step-up service efficiency; deliver quality and flexibility, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, at an agreed cost.

What Makes us Different?

Fiduasia empowers public and private sector organisations to operate highly efficient and cost-effective IT operations, drawing on our specialist skills, knowledge and resources to set new standards in IT managed services delivery.

We deliver end-to-end IT solutions that meet your business and technology needs, giving you access to experience and resources you may not have, including expertise across the wider Fiduasia Group.


We bring innovative thinking and fresh insight to the table. We deliver day-to-day and think long-term. We've established best practice models and flexible approaches to respond to today's challenging business environment.

We're committed to delivering effective change without losing sight of the realities of delivering IT services and keeping costs in check, to deliver exceptional value for money.


We have a fair and open style, and a pragmatic, straightforward approach. We're grounded, down to earth and easy to deal with. Partnership epitomises our way of working - with shared goals to deliver real transformation and outcomes. Our ethos is to work in close collaboration with you to keep your business operating and adding value to your organisation as a whole.